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Advacam WidePIX – Röntgenkamera für Industrieanwendungen

The WidePIX industrial camera family consists of 1x5, 2x5 or 5x5 Timepix detector tiles. The camera can be built with edgeless Si or CdTe detector tiles. The edgeless detector technology makes it possible to place all tiles close together from all sides. As a result, the entire image area of the camera is fully sensitive to radiation - there are no gaps between the tiles in the image.

The camera is connected to the controlling computer via a USB 2.0 cable with a readout time of 0.65 seconds per image. Depending on the environment, the camera is thermally stabilized by an active water cooling system with a chiller. The power consumption is 25 W.

The WidePIX 1x5 camera offers built-in Digital Time-Delayed Integration (DTDI) for scanning in industrial applications. Ideal for scanning larger objects or for CT scanners where parts of the rotating object are out of the field of view. WidePIX 2x5 is available with Si and CdTe sensors for soft and hard X-ray imaging, respectively.

The minimum detectable energy is typically 5 keV for X-ray photons. The intrinsic spatial resolution of the camera is defined by the pixel size of 55 µm.

The camera has a robust construction and is suitable for industrial applications.

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