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MSA-650 IRIS - Micro System Analyzer - Optische Charakterisierung der Dynamik Si-verkapselter MEMS

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Dynamic characterization of MEMS devices to measure and visualize mechanical response is important for product development, trouble shooting and FE model validation. The MSA Micro System Analyzers from Polytec provide fast, accurate optical measurements of out-of-plane (OOP) and in-plane motion (IP). Until now, this has been limited to unpacked devices that are optically accessible. Now, the Polytec MSA-650 IRIS Micro System Analyzer allows even measuring through intact silicon caps on encapsulated microstructures like e.g. inertial sensors, MEMS microphones, pressure sensors and more.
Superior separation of the individual device layers

The MSA-650 IRIS turn-key measurement solution comprises a controller, function generator with additional reference channels, powerful optical scanning software suite and optical sensor head with a sophisticated IR-optical design. With its dedicated IR camera and a low-coherence SLD source it is the premier full-field vibration measurement system to capture entire sample layers through silicon caps under operating conditions. This patented Interferometer technology delivers excellent data quality due to superior separation of the individual device layers.

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