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VibroFlex - Die neue Flexibilität der optischen Schwingungsmessung - von nano bis makro

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With VibroFlex, Polytec introduces the new flexibility in optical vibration measurement with a modular sensor solution that adapts to your needs: Add microscope optics for tiny structures or measure large, complex samples like machinery, motors etc. Discover acoustics and vibration phenomena in research and product development for a faster time-to-market or use it for reliable in-line inspections of your production parts with the focus on cost-efficiency.
NEW: QTec® Powerful on all surfaces
The VibroFlex QTec sensor head delivers the highest optical sensitivity, enabling high-fidelity measurements on all surfaces - even on dark, biological, rotating or moving objects. This eye-safe laser technology is perfect for challenging applications such as NDT, biomedical, long distance displacement measurements, quasi-static displacement measurement and shaker feedback control.
The patented and highly innovative technology QTec® makes vibration measurements faster, easier and more reliable than ever - for the most robust, unambiguous results.
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