Special Topic "Sensor and Measuring Technology for the Digital World"

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The digital world gives us a variety of ways to better analyze and understand real-world processes. However, for digital systems to produce precise results, they need the most comprehensive and accurate information possible about real-world conditions. Sensors and measurement systems ensure this link between the digital and the real, analog world and are thus the key technologies for the functioning of digital processes of all kinds.

From human vital data to measured variables of our environment to the immense variety of data from industrial and technical processes: The special topic of SENSOR+TEST 2022 offers suppliers and users the optimal platform for an innovation dialog about new solutions and concepts in sensor and measurement technology for the digital world.

  • At the special forum you will get a targeted and concentrated survey about new products and solutions.

Ahlborn Mess- und Regelungstechnik GmbH

Rheonics GmbH

Sateco AG

sensideon GmbH

TERA Sensor

Visevi Robotics GmbH