Visitors Structure

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International experts, developers and decision-makers from all industries with measurement, inspection, testing and monitoring requirements use the SENSOR+TEST as their "toolbox" which helps them to source the latest know-how and prepare or make investments.

With 188 exhibitors from 19 countries and about 2,500 visitors from Germany and abroad the digital SENSOR+TEST 2021 boasted a considerable size compared to the previous digital trade fairs.

456 exhibitors from 27 countries had registered for the SENSOR+TEST 2020 which could unfortunately not be hold.

Of course these figures cannot be compared with those of the last presence fair in 2019, but we nevertheless do not want to keep them back from you. 

Visitors of SENSOR+TEST 2019 came from:

Mechanical/plant engineering Automotive/aerospace engineering  22%
Automotive/aerospace engineering  19%
Consulting, services    6%
Information technology    5%
Chemistry, pharmaceutics    5%
Medical technology    4%
Energy industry    4%
Other Electronics/electrical engineering    25%

Decision-making authority:

89% of the visitors influence procurement decisions in their company.

Origin of visitors:

Germany 67%
Other countries 33%

If from other countries:

European Union   59%
Rest of Europe  13%
America, Asia, Africa  28%

These figures are from the survey of visitors 2019.