All inclusive Offer

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Ready - steady - go!

Our "All inclusive" stands were created for companies with very limited time for organization, for newcomers, and last minute bookers. This option is very advantageous, because all important services such as furniture, power supply, lighting, etc. are included in the "All inclusive" stands.

Make use of this opportunity to join SENSOR+TEST as an exhibitor with the least effort.

From € 3,160 (plus stat. VAT) you can book a full-fledged participation:
Application "All inclusive"

The participation packages include the following services:

  • Stand space
  • Surcharge for corner stand if applicable
  • Shell scheme Syma system incl. carpeting and fascia board with company name
  • Furniture (for 6 m²: 1 table and 2 chairs, for 9 up to 18 m²: 1 table and 3 chairs)
  • Lighting (1 spotlight per 4 m²)
  • Power supply incl. 1 socket and power consumption
  • Stand cleaning
  • AUMA fee
  • Basic marketing (visitor promotion and care, press and PR work, social media, advertising measures on site and 3 exhibitor passes) as well as the attendance at the exhibitors party
  • Media flat rate (unlimited quantity of advertising material, full address entry in the online catalog with text and 5 product groups, product news in unlimited quantity, presentation of product video for the digital agenda, continuous promotion of exhibitors information via the SENSOR+TEST newsletter and social media channels up to December 2022)

Stand sizes and costs                        

Row stand   6 m² at the price of € 3,160 Corner stand 12 m² at the price of € 5,715 
Row stand   9 m² at the price of € 4,240 Corner stand 15 m² at the price of € 6,920
Row stand 12 m² at the price of € 5,360 Corner stand 18 m² at the price of € 8,130
Row stand 15 m² at the price of € 6,480 All prices plus statutory VAT if applicable