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Additional housing options for the non-depleting LuminOx™ gaseous optical oxygen sensors from SST Sensing Ltd

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The LuminOx™ oxygen sensors are a family of gaseous state ppO2 and %O2 optical oxygen sensors developed and manufactured by SST Sensing Ltd., a sister company of Michell Instruments.

Using the principle of luminescence quenching by oxygen, this non-depleting technology with in-built pressure and temperature compensation means that LuminOx™ oxygen sensors have long lifetimes, as well as high accuracy and virtually no cross sensitivity to other gases.

LuminOx™ is a completely solid-state sensor and contains no lead or liquid electrolytes. It is 100% RoHS & REACH compliant by design.

The current three variants of the product range were designed by customer requests to include gas-tight housings to allow for easy gas sample management and options in terms of where the sensor can be situated.

The sensors each contain an internal sensor for temperature and barometric pressure compensation. A barometric pressure sensor measurement along with the ppO2 measurement allows an oxygen concentration (O2%) value to be calculated and communicated from the sensor to a microcontroller via serial UART meaning there is no need for signal conditioning circuitry.

The sensor can serially communicate the values of O2%, ppO2, barometric pressure, internal temperature and sensor status.

The non-depleting proprietary technology provides users with 5 years expected lifetime, and due to the sensing principle, the lifetime of the sensor is unaffected by gas pressure pulses or exposure to high oxygen levels and recovery following exposure to high levels of O2 is rapid.

LOX-02 is the original diffusion type; pin side is not sealed or gas tight. Designed to be immersed completely in the sample gas environment.

The LOX-02-S sensor is built into a diffusion housing with a sealed base. The sensor’s face with the protective hydrophobic membrane can be inserted thru wall into applications; maintaining environmental integrity and saving space with the pins outside the process.

The LOX-02-F sensor uses a flow-through type housing with 4.5mm OD push-fit tubing connectors which allows for a clean gas sample stream to be drawn into the LuminOx™ sensor. This provides the option to completely remove the sensor from the process environment.

Dimensionally all three sensors share the same footprint. There are no differences in software or pin-out, so it is possible to interchange between LOX-02-S or LOX-02-F and LOX-02.

The LuminOx™ optical oxygen sensor evaluation board (LOX-EVB) is available with multiple outputs for testing the sensor. The UART connection on LuminOx™ is 5V tolerant so is also compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi (code and wiring available). Most customers simply connect the sensor directly to the UART port of their product’s host microcontroller, eliminating the need for any signal conditioning circuitry normally needed with other sensor technologies.

Complementing SST Sensing’s high-performance Zirconium Dioxide 0-100% oxygen sensor product offering, the LuminOx™ family uses proprietary solid-state technology to deliver unique cost effective sensors which are fully RoHS compliant, providing pressure & temperature compensated measurements with virtually no cross sensitivity to other gases.

Design your next oxygen measurement system, and get to market quicker, with oxygen sensors powered by LuminOx™ technology.

Further information and technical advice can be obtained from Michell Instruments where the sensors can also be purchased.

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