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ESPP-MIT1, low cost, strain gauge pressure transmitter

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ES Systems has developed a series of strain gauge pressure transmitters featuring very good accuracy at a low cost. Each module is based on an all-welded hermetically sealed structure in a single stainless-steel piece. The ESPP-MIT1 is a medium isolated pressure sensor suitable for gas or fluid pressure measurements in harsh industrial or HVAC environments.

The output is fully calibrated and temperature compensated based on the internal temperature sensor and the factory calibration coefficients which are stored in the embedded memory. Thus, the transducer is ready to be installed directly to the end-user system without further processing.

ESPP-MIT1 comes with a variety of electrical interfaces output signal types and process interfaces. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions especially when high volumes are required.


– Excellent performance

– Very low cost

– Micro-fused technology

– Compact structure

– Integrated fully sealed stainless steel construction

– Calibrated & temperature compensated output

– Wide range of process interfaces

– Certified (CE) – included in price

Industrial Applications

ESPP-MIT1 is designed but not limited to usage on the following industrial applications: Central air conditioning control systems, Engineering machinery, Energy & water treatment systems, Hydraulic & pneumatic systems, Industrial process control & automatic detection systems, Pumps & compressors and Refrigeration systems.

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