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ESCP-MIS1, MEMS capacitive, high accuracy, medium isolated, pressure sensor

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ES Systems has developed a series of medium isolated pressure sensors suitable for applications with harsh environmental conditions where resistance to corrosive fluids or gases is required. Each sensor integrates a MEMS capacitive pressure sensor die, and a CMOS ASIC for the signal conditioning. The MEMS pressure sensor dies are underpinned by ES’s innovative microfabrication process for silicon capacitive sensors.

The capacitive pressure sensor dies integrated into the medium isolated pressure systems provide state-of-the-art accuracy and resolution, excellent long-term stability combined with very good repeatability and hysteresis. The total overall error, including thermal offsets, is lower than ±0.25% FS.

The ESCP-MIS1 is a family of pressure sensors in the standard Ø19 stainless steel 316L capsule. In this type of sensors, the pressure is transferred hydraulically to the hermetically sealed sensing element through the Silicon Oil used to fill the cavity between the sensing element and the stainless steel diaphragm. The pressure capsule interface is either I2C or analog. The sensors are provided calibrated and compensated at various temperatures and pressure ranges from 1 bara to 400 bara. Custom materials like Hastelloy or Titanium are available upon request.


– Based on silicon capacitive technology

– Exceptional accuracy

– High overpressure tolerance

– Low power

Industrial & Aerospace Applications

ESCP-MIS1 is designed but not limited to usage on the following applications: Industrial process control, Level measurement, Gas and liquid pressure measurement, Pressure checking meter, Pressure calibrator, Liquid pressure system and switch, Cooling equipment and air conditioning system, Aviation and navigation inspection, Pressure meter and Pressure calibrator.

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