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X-series Ammonia Sensor

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X-series offers the barebones module version of our ammonia sensor. It has the ammonia sensor, as well as an on-board MCU to provide digital output. X-series comes in industry-standard 4R form factor, and is available for developers to integrate into embedded systems.

Highlights of X-series Include:
• Long lifetime: the sensor operates normally in the continuous presence of ammonia, and long-term exposure does not decrease sensitivity
• High selectivity: the sensor is highly selective to ammonia, and is unaffected by other environmental contaminants such as NOx, SOx, CO2, O2, EtOH, and hydrocarbons
• Fast response: the sensor responds to gas changes rapidly, with T90 of under 60 seconds

Features of X-series:
• Sensitivity range: 0 ppm~50 ppm (lower detection and resolution range option available)
• Nominal weight of 8 grams
• 5V operating voltage
• UART digital output
• Humidity range (non-condensing): 25%~95% (-20~40°C); 40%~95% (40~50°C)
• Temperature range: -20°C~50°C

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