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Komplettlösungen zur Langzeitdatenerfassung und -analyse von Schwingungen

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The efficient acquisition and analysis of dynamic data over a period of several days to months or even years is the specialty of IfTA measurement systems. Vibration data up to a maximum of 50 kHz and operating data can be evaluated and recorded in combination. Since these applications generate extremely large amounts of data, the entire IfTA software has been designed to capture the added value of this data without drowning in the flood of data.

Why long-term measurements?
Long-term measurements with continuous data acquisition and recording are useful wherever sporadically occurring events need to be investigated. For example, access to a broad database enables detailed analysis in the event of damage. Problems can be identified and systematically corrected. Alternatively, future damage can be avoided by installing a customized protection system. Due to the modular structure of the IfTA hardware and software, an IfTA monitoring system can be easily extended with such a protection system.

A lean measurement chain avoids errors
IfTA systems are designed in such a way that the user can concentrate fully on the respective measurement task rather than on mastering the measurement technology or data evaluation. All inputs can be assigned variably, i.e. current or voltage signals, charges or strain gauges can be flexibly connected to each of the maximum 32 dynamic inputs. This versatility is made possible by the integration of differential charge amplifier, preamplifier and an IEPE power supply into the measurement system. This results in lean measurement chains and thus prevents errors in the measurement setup. To avoid mains loops, each channel is individually isolated.

Efficient data analysis and visualization
The measurement data streams can be supplemented with operating data via Profibus or OPC interfaces and processed in real time in the measurement system. This then permits the combined online analysis and storage of all data streams. In addition, small, easy-to-use overview files are generated, which simplifies the fast search for anomalies in large amounts of data. On the user side, IfTA systems include the Windows-based software IfTA TrendViewer for the visualization and analysis of measurement data. This is able to load even large amounts of data (>10 GB) quickly and, despite the wide range of functions, is intuitive and efficient to use. A wide range of predefined plots is offered, e.g. Trendplot, Spectrogram, Nyquistplot, Bodeplot, etc., which can be easily generated by drag & drop.

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