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Integrierte Kraftsensorik für hpower-Aktoren

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piezosystem jena is now offering an integrated force sensor as additional option for hpower actuators. The sensor is fully integrated into the actuators’ housing, making it possible to detect the forces acting on the piezo without using an additional, external force sensor. In addition to the actuators’ position, the customer has now access to another important metrological quantity. The sensor comes with an additional signal amplifier, which converts the detected force into an analog voltage signal. The system is available for the hpower series VS25, VS35 and VS45.

Product Highlights:
• integrated force sensor element
• separate signal amplifier
• measurement range 0 kN to +5 kN
• output voltage: 0 … +10 V
• compact design
• robust metal casing
• 12VDC power supply

• material testing
• vibration control
• mechanical engineering
• modal analysis

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