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Der IfTA DataHub – Langzeitanalyse dynamischer Mess- und Betriebsdaten

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The new DataHub software collects data from a wide range of sources and enables combined analysis. For example, dynamic measurement data of more than 100 GB/day from IfTA measurement systems can be analyzed together with operating data. This data is stored 24/7 in ring buffers. The search for relevant events in these large amounts of data corresponds to the literal search for the "needle in a haystack". Here, the DataHub supports the user by creating small, easy to handle overview files that allow a quick check and finding anomalies. In addition, the provided online connection allows real-time inspection of all data streams and data streaming into the cloud.

In addition to the aggregation and storage of measurement and operational data with different time resolutions, the IfTA DataHub also offers unique storage functionalities. For example, data is intelligently aggregated even before it is stored, thus significantly reducing the required storage space. This enables 24/7 long-term recording and evaluation of dynamic measurement data. This functionality is a truly unique selling point of the IfTA DataHub.

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