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disynet: kein „Double Hit“ dank besonders einfach zu bedienendem automatischem Modalhammer

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It is almost impossible to avoid double hits when structures are stimulated manually with a small modular hammer. This problem is well known and unpleasant.
The easy to operate automatic modular hammer vImpact-20 was designed to solve this problem. It can stimulate structures very precisely and reproducibly while measuring the exciter power.
This form of stimulation is very useful at the frequency range of the small modular hammers, especially to evaluate acoustic properties or in addition to laser measurements. Depending on the hardness of the surface frequencies up to 25 kHz (-3dB) are possible.
The system consists of a very robust hammer type 5800SL, from the modular hammer specialist Dytran, and a control unit. The modular hammer includes a force sensor and an electromechanical actuator to move the hammer. The control unit sends an impulse to activate the actuator which in turn triggers the hammer blow. The measured force signal of the hammer head can be obtained at the signal output of the control unit.
The hammer blows can be excited in various manners:
- Manually by button on the control unit
- By closing the external input, e.g. by using a probe extension or a external device
- Via TTL impulse at the external input
- Via the built-in timer in the range of 4 blow per second up to one blow per minute
The vImpact-20 can be used if the installation of a force sensor is not possible and an excitation up to 20 kHz is useful, e.g. analysis of brake discs, brake lining, turbocharger components, turbine blades, engine blades, ceramic components, glass bulbs, musical instruments, PC boards and drive and various other structures.
The disynet GmbH can provide a free testing device for interested parties.

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