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disynet – einzigartige und bislang weltweit kleinste triaxiale Miniaturlösung für Hochtemperatur-Beschleunigungsmessungen über 500°C!

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Due to the high demand for small triaxial high-temperature sensors, the hitherto smallest triaxial solution, the 3683C, has been developed based on the popular 3316C2.

Most high temperature sensors currently available on the market are too big for the often-limited mounting space. Additionally, the higher weight can falsify the measurement – especially on light structures. With this, this triaxial solution is small enough to be used in applications with even less available space.

To achieve this small size, three of the 3316C2 sensors were merged into a compact, isolated and hermetically sealed housing. The result was the 3683C with a weight of just 65 grams and dimensions of 34,6mm x 30,5mm x 23,4mm.

As with the 3316C2, this small size was only possible due to the patented ‘silver window’ technology. This innovative technology allows the piezoelectric crystal to ‘breathe’ even at high temperatures. The sensor can be used in environments up to 538°C, whereby the limiting factor is the connector, and the sensitivity is 1-2 pC/g.

Typical applications:
All high-temperature applications where the weight and the size of the sensor is critical, such as vibrations of turbines, on car-engines and exhaust manifolds as well as for ESS applications (Environmental Stress Screening).

Besides the mentioned models, disynet GmbH offers a wide variety of single and triaxial accelerometers, suitable for high temperatures up to 316 °C, 260 °C, 200 °C.
Various matching high temperature cables and suitable amplifiers complement the program.

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