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Mit disynet in die Zukunft der Zustandsüberwachung: das neue CAN-MD® System

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CAN-MD® (Controller Area Network - Machinery Diagnostics) is a bus-based and digital Smart Sensor network developed by Dytran and Sage with configurable firmware for monitoring and diagnosing machine health.
With the CAN-MD® sensors, you can collect vibration data, process spectral data and calculate critical condition indicators (CIs). This happens in the sensor itself, without having to use an external data processor. Up to 31 sensors, each with 127 CIs, can be connected per CAN channel. The number of channels depends on the hardware used.

Not only status indicators, but also raw data can be fed into the CAN bus. The data is then sent via the CAN bus interface (v. 2.0b) using a network protocol developed by Sage / Dytran.

CAN-MD® is the ideal tool for machine monitoring to monitor the condition of key machine components because it offers a variety of benefits to test bench operators.
For example, digital solutions offer simpler wiring schemes by reducing cable runs to a primary bus cable, as opposed to the variety of individual cable paths required by analog systems. This significantly reduces the overall weight of the system.
The significant data reduction of the CAN-MD® system minimizes the need for high-speed network connections or large volumes of data for IoT integration.
Powerful, user-configurable data acquisition and processing algorithms run directly inside the sensors eliminate the need for costly traditional data acquisition hardware.
CAN-MD® enables the integration of sensors via cost-effective CAN data loggers and data acquisition hardware using the available detailed interface control document, the ICD (Interface Control Document).
With CAN-MD® and together with existing hardware with CAN bus inputs the number of sensor channels can per CAN input channel be extended to up to 31 sensors.

CAN-MD® was designed for two types of end users:
For customers new to the industry looking for a turnkey solution - pre-installed and ready for use - with sensors already configured by the manufacturer with custom diagnostic algorithms - pre-programmed CIs.
For customers with an existing own machine monitoring system who would like to develop their own algorithms and their own machine diagnostic software, but on a modern, bus-based platform.

In general, a customized development kit - a software and hardware starter package including sensors selected for the customer's application - is recommended for entry. This will first connect the bus to a WiFi module and set the CIs of each sensor via a tablet. Then the bus only needs to be connected to the terminal.

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