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disynet - der Spezialist für besonders flache Kraftsensoren

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Many customers know this challenge: Reliable measurement of high compression forces in locations of limited accessibility. Most of the available sensors are too big – especially not flat enough to allow them to be mounted in the available spaces.

disynet addresses this issue by offering one of the widest range of flat load cells, some just 2.5mm high, some with ranges over 100kN without compromising the quality of measurement.

Many sensors were specially designed for such applications:
- The smallest example is the XFL-50 with a height of 2.5mm, 5mm Ø with a range of up to 100N.
- The XFL250-06R has a height of only 6mm, a diameter of 25mm and a range of 2kN.
- The FN2656-2 with a diameter of 54mm, height of 12mm and a range of 100kN
- The FN 2523 has three single sensors mounted on a plate for measuring the break force of up to 100kN at three points. The total height here is less than 32mm .
- The pedal load cell FN 2570-6 which measures pedal load of up to 2.5kN – the specialty here is the ergonomic form, ideal for this measurement.
- A new series of even flatter sensors for even high forces - available off the shelf in future - is currently under development. More at the Sensor + Test or Automotive Testing Expo Show!

Customized sensors can be “MADE TO MEASURE” for new applications, even for very low quantities.

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