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SR5716 / SR5796 Drahtlose Ratschen-Zurrgurte (WTM-RTS) zur Ladungssicherheit im LKW- und Flugzeugtransport

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To ensure cargo safety in truck- and aircraft-transportation, model SR5716/SR5796 WTM-RTSs have been specially developed by BCM SENSOR to work with a WSN1000 wireless monitor in order to form a Wireless Tension-Detect-and-Alert System (WTDAS).

Such the WTM-RTSs can be used to fasten cargo either on a truck or in an aircraft in the way like using conventional ratchet tie-down straps. Thanks to the wireless force sensor which is integrated in the WTM-RTS, the tightening status of each WTM-RTS can be monitored by a driver or pilot via the WSN1000 monitor which is fixed on the dashboard in the driver’s or pilot’s cabin.

On the monitor, there are 16 LED’s. Each LED employs three colors to indicate three different statuses of the WTM-RTS – green refers to fastened straps, red to loosened straps, and orange to an error status (e.g., low battery, disconnection, damaged sensor, …). In case one WTM-RTS becomes loosened during transportation, this WTM-RTS will inform the monitor wirelessly about the fastening status of its strap, and the monitor in the cabin will alert the driver/pilot by turning the corresponding LED from green to red color and having its alarm triggered. Once the loosened WTM-RTS is tightened again, the corresponding LED goes back to green color and the alarm stops.

In one WTDAS the WSN1000 monitor communicates with up to 16 WTM-RTS at 2.4GHz radio frequency (RF), without need of any computer. Each of the WTDAS works independently so that the different WTDASs do not interfere each other among different trucks or air-cargo.

For customer applications in which more than 16 WTM-RTS are needed or in which the indication of fastened item’s location is needed in air-cargo, BCM SENSOR can further develop the WTDAS so as to tailor it to meet customer’s needs.

The dimensions and specifications can be found on the datasheet of SR5716/SR5796 as linked below:

The datasheet of WSN1000 monitor can be found via the link below:

For further information, please contact BCM SENSOR at or +32-3-238 6469.

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