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SE105 Flip-Chip-Drucksensorchips für raue Umgebungen

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SE105 piezoresistive pressure sensor die from BCM SENSOR is designed of a flip-chip structure for harsh environment application.

Thanks to the flip-chip structure, the SE105 sensor die features various superiorities as follows:

- Both the die-bonding and the wire-bonding processes are simplified to one process. As a result, the SE105 becomes a surface mounting device.
- The SE105 can contact pressure media directly and work in harsher environment. This is because its Wheatstone bridge circuitry is located on the back-surface of its pressure diaphragm.

As SE105 sensor die can directly contact pressure media and work in harsher environment, it may replace an oil-filled pressure sensor in some pressure applications. This can dramatically lower the cost and reduce the required space to be occupied by the sensor.

The dimensions and specifications can be found in the datasheet of SE105 sensor dies as linked below:

For further information, please contact BCM SENSOR at or +32-3-238 6469.

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