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Genaue und zuverlässige Flüssigkeitsstandmessung in Schmutzwasser OHNE zu verstopfen

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To measure the level of a holding tank electronically is difficult but necessary. The black water level sensor 7014 with its smooth nonstick coating ensures reliable measurements of the level of black water tanks, without the need for cleansing.

The sensor has a consists of a smooth, nonstick coated probe without holes for the fluid flow. Thus, it can’t be clogged or jammed by solids and prevent operation. The probe is robust and tough enough to tolerate the forces occurring during operation. As the 7014 has no moving parts it is also low-maintenance.

The sensor output can be configured to be working with the available data acquisition system.

Irregular tank shapes can be compensated via supplied tank profiling software. Various connection options ensure compatibility with a wide range of installation options.

Standard lengths vary from 250 mm to 1000 mm, on request length from 50 mm to 2000 mm are possible. There is also a wireless option of the 7014, where data is sent to a cloud via a remote monitoring box.

The most common application of the blackwater level sensor is in boat and yacht holding tanks, but also in sewage tanks.

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