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Ultraminiatur Laser Sensor berechnet 3D-Modelle von extrem kleinen Bohrungen

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The RF609 series laser sensors, with a diameter of 9 and 15 mm respectively, are designed for measuring the inner surface of holes and tubes with a diameter of 9.2 to 48 mm.
The combination of a compact design, high sampling rate and good linearity are unique.

For the measurement the laser probe is inserted into the tube and rotates. A laser triangulation sensor inside the probe measures the distance to the inner surface and the rotation angle synchronously.
As the probe is moved through the hole, it measures the inner surface segment by segment and a 3D model of the inner surface can be calculated.

The sensor has a non-linearity of 0.05 % and a bandwidth of 9 kHz resulting in highly precise measurements.
The robust housing is made of aluminum, can withstand vibrations of 20 g as well as shock up to 30 g and has IP67 protection rating (temporarily submersible).

The RF609 has a digital RS485 interface and is available in several variations. The version RF609Rt version for example is available with a 4 to 20 mV output or 0 to 10 V output.

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