Special Topic "Sensor and Measuring Technology for Condition Monitoring"

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Monitoring the condition of devices, machines, and systems is the supreme discipline in sensor and measuring technology. These tasks supply data, analyze signals, and diagnose causes for deviations from the normal operating status. Thus, condition monitoring ensures that safe, secure, efficient, economically and environmentally compatible operating conditions are met and maintained.

The special topic of the SENSOR+TEST 2021 will show the latest developments from intrinsically safe sensors to sophisticated measuring systems, which autonomously adapt to their monitoring tasks thanks to artificial intelligence. The trade fair offers a prominent platform for presentations, discussions, and the well-established innovation dialog between suppliers and users in this significant branch of technology.

  • At the special forum you will get a targeted and concentrated survey about new products and solutions.

  • On 4 May 2021 a dedicated session at the forum in hall 1 will complete the offer.