SENSOR+TEST 2021 digital

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Join the digital platform of SENSOR+TEST 2021

For more than a year, trade fairs as we have known them up to now have become impossible due to the Corona protective measures. We hoped for a long time with all participants that we would meet in person in Nuremberg. Since an annulment of the restrictions can currently not be expected with sufficient safety to hold a face-to-face event, the SENSOR+TEST 2021 will again take place completely digitally.

Therefore, we like to invite you this year as well to the digital Innovation Dialog! You find the most important questions and answers here at a glance:

How and where can I get my digital trade fair ticket for SENSOR+TEST?
You have the opportunity to be invited by one of the exhibiting companies. Here you will find an overview of the exhibiting companies (from March 2021). In addition, we will offer an invitation code for your free ticket through numerous promotional activities (via our newsletter, mailings, LinkedIn, facebook, Xing or Twitter).


How and where can I get my ticket for the SMSI 2021 Sensor and Measurement Science International Conference?
Here you find information about the registration.


What options does the digital SENSOR+TEST offer me?
As a visitor to the digital SENSOR+TEST, information, new products, services and presentations from the exhibitors are available for you as usual. You can search, filter or categorize them according to your needs. In addition, a wide range of lectures and presentations is available for you, which you  can use free of charge as a registered visitor.

And wherever you are at the digital SENSOR+TEST, you have the option of getting in touch with other participants in group chats or video meetings, asking questions or receiving more detailed information.

Which advantages do I have as a visitor?
You will save time and money as you do not have to travel, but can participate online from all over the world. Additionally, the digital content will be available for you even after the event date.


Can I speak to employees of the exhibiting companies directly?
You can use your profile to address or chat with any other participant in the event. You create your own profile according to your ideas. With or without a photo is up to you. In order to generate transparency in these digital times, we advise you to make your profile meaningful and appealing.


Can I chat with other visitors?
You can also chat with other visitors and can be contacted by participants yourself at any time. However, only when you react and reply your contacts will be shared and the video chat function activated.


Did you miss a lecture you wanted to see?
All presentations on the digital agenda are also available as videos after the presentation.

You want to join SENSOR+TEST 2021 as an exhibitor?
Here you can find all information about our unique Digital Area offer with its excellent price/performance ratio.


Which (technical) requirements are neccessary to participate?
You need a laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet, as you can use the platform as an app and as a desktop version. All you have to do is to register (as with a live event).


Do you have another question?
Then talk to us. The SENSOR+TEST team looks forward to seeing you!