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CO2 Traffic Light for Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

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The CO2 Guard 10 by E+E Elektronik precisely measures the CO2 concentration of the indoor air. The battery-operated CO2 traffic light is perfect for use in indoor environments such as classrooms, offices or meeting rooms. With the EE895, the CO2 Guard 10 is equipped with a high-precision sensor module for CO2 measurement. An easy-to-understand LED traffic light system with an acoustic threshold value indicator delivers information on the air quality. The CO2 measuring device serves as a reference value encoder for demand-oriented and energy-efficient room ventilation.

CO2 Concentration as an Indicator
The CO2 concentration is a reliable indicator for the indoor air quality. In rooms with a high density of people, the CO2 concentration rises rapidly. In addition to an increased risk of infection, a high CO2 level leads to fatigue, lack of concentration, discomfort and headaches. Especially in schools, but also in offices or meeting rooms, it is therefore important to ventilate regularly and adequately. CO2 traffic lights help to ensure that the room is ventilated in line with requirements and in an energy-efficient manner.

CO2 Traffic Light for Demand-Driven Ventilation
The CO2 Guard 10 measures the CO2 concentration and displays the measured values in an easy-to-understand manner using a six-part LED traffic light. In addition, an acoustic warning signal is emitted as soon as the next higher threshold value is reached

The key component in the CO2 Guard 10 is the high-quality EE895 CO2 sensing module by E+E Elektronik. It is based on the dual wavelength NDIR measurement principle, which offers long-term stability and ensures precise and reliable CO2 measurement values. Thanks to smart auto-calibration, the sensor is practically maintenance-free. In addition, temperature and pressure compensation ensures high CO2 measuring accuracy, regardless of the location (sea level) and ambient conditions.

Quality from Austria
E+E Elektronik exclusively produces both the CO2 traffic light and the EE895 sensing module, along with its sensors and measuring devices, at its Austrian headquarters in Engerwitzdorf. The company draws on many years of experience and expertise in CO2 measuring technology.
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