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Flexible development platform for integrated length or angle measurement systems: Incremental and absolute measurement with AMR- and TMR-technology

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The requirements for linear and angular measurement systems are highly application-specific in terms of required resolution, required dynamics, permissible air gap between sensor and measuring standard as well as possible sensor arrangement. The new EBx7914 and EBM7921 sensor modules offer a maximum of flexibility to meet the above mentioned requirements.

The EBx7914 sensor module for incremental length or angle measuring systems is available in two basic versions - with and without reference/index sensor - and can be equipped with different AMR FixPitch sensors. The module has a very high-resolution interpolator and can be parameterized flexibly. The integrated auto-adjustment ensures excellent measurement performance during operation.

The EBM7921 sensor module is designed for absolute length or angle measuring systems and uses the proven vernier measuring principle. Two TMR FixPitch sensors enable both linear length measurement and off-axis measurements at the shaft circumference, e.g. for hollow shaft encoders or motors. The range is completed by the new FOCUS alignment system. This is a supporting tool for the already existing EBx7811 tooth sensor module family and enables our customers to electronically adapt the sensor module ideally to the installation situation - easily, fully automatically and with transparent feedback via intuitive software.

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