FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my colleagues to the company profile?

After a successfull registration your colleagues will be automaticaly connected to the company profile.


How many exhibitor passes are inclusive?

Every exhibitor has 2 exhibitor passes inclusive.


How can we upload product information?

You post "products" via your company profile. To do this, use the processing link that we have sent you (schedule@talque.com). First create your company profile by checking and adding to the existing data. You can already upload a video, picture or document here. As soon as you have edited your company data, you will find an "Add Products" button at the end of the edit page. A new form will now open in which you can create your product. You can add text, images and video to the product profile. The number of product profiles is unlimited.
Remember that we regularly publish your "products" in our social media channels and in the newsletter!


The upload of my picture does not work?

An ultra HD sreen (4K) has a resolution of 3840 x 2160px. The size of a picture should not be bigger than that. If you have problems to upload pictures in your media gallery, please reduce the picture size and try again.


How to book a product news to the digital agenda?

To book a product news into a time slot at the digital agenda it requires a video you uploaded before as a product profile. You will receive then an e-mail with a permission link to book your video in the time slot you wish.


How to book a product news for a priority placement in the SENSOR+TEST Newsletter?

To book a publication in the newsletter please fill out form I and send it signed back to us. You find the form here.


How many product-group entries are inclusive?

3 Product group entries are inclusive. More entries can be booked for 35€ each product group. Read also here for more details.


What is the requested size for the video?

The limit is 256MB. A FHD Video (1080p) needs a codec of 10-30MB/min.


Wich data will be in the lead list we are going to receive from the system after the event?

  •     First name
  •     Last name
  •     E-Mail address
  •     Company
  •     Job title
  •     Origin of the contact