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Kapazitive Taster nehmen es mit Schmutzablagerung und Kühlschmierstoffen auf

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Leinfelden-Echterdingen, 18 February 2020. Capacitive buttons and slide controls can work even under the most adverse conditions.
EBE sensors + motion from Leinfelden-Echterdingen demonstrate this in current industrial projects. The company develops special algorithms and electrode structures for machine and plant engineering. In this way, capacitive switches in robust design do their jobs even in dirty environments. They work reliably even under the influence of cooling lubricants, oils and coatings.

The electrodes developed by EBE are specially designed for the applied multi-channel measuring process. Individual evaluation algorithms and electrode structures are part of the company’s exclusive know-how. They can be designed for a variety of different operating conditions and sensitivity levels. Even the operation with soiled work gloves can be learned.

The buttons and slide controls of the capacitive sensor systems are maintenance free. Their service life amounts to several hundred million switching cycles. EBE designs housings matching the design and application of the customer or individually adapts them to existing housings. To give an example, they can be designed as sterile versions or as resistant to vandalism for the highest protection classes (IP67 to IP69K). Beyond that, the capacitive switches can be combined with displays and touch panels.

„Capacitive sensor systems from EBE work completely independent of external conditions. They increasingly serve as platforms for capacitive buttons and slide controls“, reports Armin Wellhöfer, managing director of EBE, about current projects. For instance, a manufacturer of food processing machines installs such buttons. Neither condensing steam nor accumulated dirt affect the reliable operation of the buttons. Even operating the capacitive switches with gloves works safely.

“It all depends on the evaluation algorithms and the electrode structure of the capacitive sensor”, EBE points out. The engineers of the company parameterize the algorithms individually for each application. In doing so, they consider the environmental influences, assembly situation, shape, material and thickness of housing, type of glasss, coatings and further factors.

The algorithms distinguish accidental gestures from a targeted touch. In this way, they prevent unintentional switching. They compensate parasitic capacitances. Conductive bodies near the button generate such disturbances. Likewise, influences by water, film, fog, dust, dirt, temperature and electromagnetic fields can be compensated.

The switches are suitable for applications in machine, plant and automotive engineering or in the construction, agricultural and food industry. Our company sees further markets in building, traffic, medical, chemical and filling technology. For OEM-partners EBE designs and manufactures solutions ready for mounting. Apart from the button or sliding switch they include the electronics including firmware and customer-specific housings, a front panel, a display or special interfaces.

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