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NoisePAD - Sound Level & Vibration Measurement Analyzer

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NoisePAD™ is our new class of 4-channel real-time analyzer for noise & vibration. This combination of a robust industrial 8” Tablet and a DSP-based analyzer meets the standard MIL 810.

All connectors are protected against water and dust with rubber protection cups. The NoisePAD allows you to work practically everywhere - in the office as well as outdoor with 12 h autonomy with onboard 4G, GPS and WiFi.

NoisePAD with the software SAMURAI is an 4-channel sound level meter according to IEC 61672 with class 0 real-time third-octave filters according to IEC 1260 and FFT-analyzer. The measuring system allows the recording of audio signals up to 20 kHz bandwidth.

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