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disynet – große Auswahl an Sensoren zum Monitoring großer Strukturen

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It is becoming increasingly important to continuously monitor the condition of large structures such as bridges, buildings, wind turbines, etc. Damages such as cracks need to be detected at an early stage by evaluating the measurement data in order to initiate appropriate countermeasures.

Factors such as reliability, robustness and cost-effectiveness play a major role in the selection of the sensors used.

disynet GmbH has a large portfolio of various special sensors for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). Below are a few examples of sensors that are used in the field of structural condition monitoring:

The low-noise three-axis model 4030 DC accelerometer with integral signal conditioning comes in an extremely durable housing. With a range from +/- 2 to +/- 6g and a low pass filter from 0-200 Hz, it is ideal for structural mounting.

The triaxial 4332 is another IP-68-rated low-noise sensor with ranges of +/- 2 to +/- 5g, a low-pass filter from 0-50 Hz.

The DPG series of biaxial inclinometers in aluminium housings stand for modern microprocessor technology with integrated active linearization and temperature compensation.

In addition to various linear potentiometers and string-pot sensors with a wide range of lengths, the GCD series also includes extremely resilient measuring probes with DC operation. These ensure high performance in environments with moisture, dirt and liquid impurities.

In the field of pressure testing, the particularly economical pressure transmitters of the M5200 series with their modular design offer maximum flexibility for various configurations. For example, ranges from 3.5 to 1000 bar are possible.

Let our specialists help support you choose which sensors are best suited for your application!

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