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072235 Bukarest (Rumänien)
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Polymer-based MEMS microgrippers with embedded microheaters, electrotermally actuated, for bio-micromanipulation, microassembly and microrobotic applications

The polymer microgrippers were designed, manufactured and experimentally tested by L5-
Laboratory in IMT Bucharest in the frame of the ERA-MANUNET-II-Robogrip project “Microgrippers
as end-effectors with integrated sensors for microrobotic applications (ROBOGRIP)” (2016-2017)
coordinated by Dr. Rodica-Cristina Voicu from National Institute for Research and Development in
Microtechnologies-IMT Bucharest and the partners: SITEX 45 SRL (Romania), Robotics Special
Applications S.L (Spain), Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

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