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For flexible and powerful data acquisition, sensors must be integrated as compactly as possible into workpieces and existing systems. Miniaturized wireless sensor nodes offer this possibility, but have so far represented a major technical challenge in manufacturing and integration. Sensorik-Bayern GmbH has taken up this challenge and developed wireless sensor nodes (SensorBeacons) that enable intelligent production and predictive maintenance – highly miniaturized and energy self-sufficient. Thanks to energy-efficient firmware, the quiescent current is only approx. 1.5 µA, for example. Depending on the operating mode, the wireless sensor nodes can be supplied with energy from a button cell for up to five years without maintenance. The wireless sensor nodes are operated via gateways with their own software and are connected to an in-house developed and hosted cloud solution. Thus, it is possible to visualize the data – platform-independent – in the browser via web services and web applications, to evaluate them automatically or to make them available for other purposes, e.g. for reporting. Any physical quantities can be measured, with particular focus on temperature, air pressure or acceleration. Interesting areas of application for SensorBeacons include the development of an intelligent, digitized production in the areas of transport and warehouse monitoring, process monitoring, retrofitting and predictive maintenance.

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