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Niedrigstdrucksensoren für Differenz- und Relativdruck im SOIC-Gehäuse – SM9235

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AMSYS, Germany introduces the SM9235, the latest addition to the SOIC class of OEM sen-sors. It is flexibly usable as a relative or differential pressure sensor for lowest pressures of 0 - 300 Pa and offers two vertical hose connections in a JEDEC-compliant SOIC-16 surface mount enclosure.
The thermally compensated and ready-to-use calibrated 16-bit I2C output signal has a typical total error of less than 0.4 %. This number already contains all sources of error such as temperature, supply voltage and pressure. And even this value can be halved after the soldering process by means of a zero calibration to achieve and error of less than ± 0.2 %! - This low value for a sensor in a plastic housing is impressive and is not achieved by most OEM sensors, even in larger size.
The working temperature range from -20 ° to + 85 °C corresponds to the calibration range. This means that the sensors are measured and calibrated, compensated and linearized in this temperature range. Available supply voltages are 3.3 V and 5 V with a power consumption of less than 4 mA. The housing is made of thermoplastic (PPS) and is thus resistant to wide range of chemicals. The OEM sensors SM9235 are suitable for automated SMD mounting according to JEDEC 020D.1.
In addition to the SOIC sensor SM9235 for the pressure range from 0 - 300 Pa, there are versions for 0 – 250 Pa (SM9233) and 0 – 600 Pa (SM9236) available. Thus SOIC-sensors are available from AMSYS for maximum pressures between 125 Pa and 2 bar now.
The new SOIC sensors are used in applications where air and non-corrosive gases need to be measured, such as HVAC applications such as filter monitoring, flow measurement and leak detec-tion, or respiratory control in medical technology.

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