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AMS 6916: Drucksensor mit ratiometrischem Spannungsausgang in Druckbereichen von 5 mbar bis zu 1 bar

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AMSYS offers the new AMS 6916 analog pressure sensor series which is small, compact, precise and versatile. This sensor is used in numerous medical applications, e.g. in ventilators and respiration systems.
The pressure sensors in this series combine high quality piezoresistive MEMS pressure measuring cells with modern digital signal processing in a miniaturized DIL housing with horizontal or vertical pressure connections. With a supply voltage of 5 V and a maximum current consumption of 3 mA, the sensors deliver an amplified, ratiometric 0.5… 4.5 V output signal. The AMS 6916 are calibrated and temperature-compensated over the entire operating temperature range of -25… 85 ° C. They are characterized by a low total error and excellent long-term stability. In addition, the sensors have their own function test.
The analog mini sensors of the AMS 6916 series cover all types of pressure and are available in many different pressure ranges: Differential pressure and relative pressure sensors are available for pressure ranges from 5 mbar to 1 bar, bidirectional differential pressure sensors that can measure both negative and positive pressure, for -5… 5 mbar up to -1… 1 bar and absolute pressure sensors for 1 bar as well as a barometric variant for 700… 1200 mbar.
The sensors can be used in non-corrosive gases for all types of pressure and for relative pressure measurements also in liquids. In addition to medical apparatus construction, the possible applications include industrial process control, heating, air conditioning and ventilation applications.
Apart from the standard versions for different types of pressure and pressure ranges, customer-specific versions are also used wherever precision is required in the measurement of static and dynamic pressures. The AMS 6915 with digital output also belongs to the same sensor family.

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