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AMS 4516 - Kabellose Differenzdrucküberwachung an schwer zugänglichen Orten

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Pressure transmitters do not always have to come in a large tubular steel housing. For the measurement of gas pressures, AMSYS offers the new AMS 4516 series, compact pressure transmitters in a plastic housing, which are read out wirelessly. Modern wireless sensors are ideal for retrofitting moving machines where cables are difficult to lay afterwards or interfere with operation, such as in robotics or in mobile applications. Even with difficult to reach (ventilation) systems built into ceilings, the small, radio-controlled all-rounders prove their worth. Areas of application can be found in ventilation technology (HVAC) as well as in automation.
The AMS 4506 and AMS 4516 are a series of calibrated Bluetooth pressure transmitters with high resolution, which are designed for all types of pressure (absolute pressure, relative and differential pressure) and a wide pressure range between 5 and 2000 mbar. Thanks to the backside exposure of the measuring element, they can come into contact with moisture and even liquids on one side.
The sensors are calibrated and linearized and temperature compensated in the range of 0-60 ° C. The accuracy of the sensors depends on the pressure range and is between 0.7 and 1.5% FS over the entire temperature range. Power is supplied by an easily exchangeable CR2032 battery.
To configure the sensor, it must connect to the smartphone or tablet. The sampling rate for the sensor readings can be set via the app from 100 ms up to 18 hours. The battery life depends heavily on the use of the sensor and is approx. 1 year with a button cell of 230 mAh at a sampling rate of 5 seconds.
The sensors work in the so-called beacon mode, i.e. the sensor sends the measured values without a break. The measured sensor data for pressure and temperature are then sent to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and are displayed there numerically and graphically.
A Bluetooth gateway with the appropriate firmware can also be provided at the customer's request. The app is available for Android devices from Android 6.x and higher for download in the Google Play Store.

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