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Whitepaper: Verbesserte Mensch-Maschine-Schnittstellen dank maschinellem Sehen und künstlicher Intelligenz mit dem Bildsensormodul HVC-P2 von Omron

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There is no doubt that we have accepted technology into almost every aspect of our lives. One reason for this is perhaps because it operates transparently in the background. The way we abstract ourselves away from technology allows more people to feel its benefits; it isn’t necessary to understand how the Internet works in order to use an online shopping service, for example. That wasn’t always the case, but technology has a way of changing to meet expectations, particularly when there is a commercial incentive. The recent addition of artificial intelligence (AI) and voice interfaces to create virtual digital assistants is opening up online services to a wider range of users.

The latest developments in machine vision (MV) and AI are also going to create many new commercial opportunities for technology, as they increase the level of abstraction and simplify our interactions with technology so we are hardly aware it is there. We are already able to interact with technology using natural language, the addition of MV and AI will improve the user experience, as will the addition of gesture recognition and the ability to read facial expressions. This will help enable a new generation of more human-focused consumer experiences, as well as provide a significant boost to the development and acceptance of collaborative robots, or cobots. This will fundamentally change the shape of many areas where technology is making a difference, from caring for the sick and elderly to factory automation.

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