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ESCP-BMS1, MEMS capacitive, high accuracy, board mountable, pressure sensor

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ES Systems has developed a series of board mountable pressure sensors targeting a variety of markets requiring high resolution and accuracy for gas and liquid pressure measurements. The ESCP-BMS1 is a silicon capacitive pressure sensor with state-of-the-art performance and exceptional quality. The MEMS pressure sensor die is underpinned by ES’ innovative SOI-surface micromachining technology.

ESCP-BMS1 is an absolute, gauge or differential pressure sensor of ultra-high resolution with analog (0-3,3V), PWM, SPI or I2C interface. The output is fully calibrated, and temperature compensated based on the internal temperature sensor and the factory calibration coefficients which are stored in the embedded memory. The sensor is ready to be installed directly to the end system without further processing with medical, HVAC, industrial, commercial & automotive applications. The total error including repeatability, hysteresis, non-linearity, thermal offset and calibration error between 0°C and 60°C is better than 0.25% FS.

Different power modes are available enabling low power operation, while the output rate and thus the conversion speed is programmable allowing the end-user to customize/optimize performance. The sensor can be configured to provide both high accuracy 32-bit pressure and temperature outputs.

ESCP-BMS1 is a silicon capacitive pressure sensor with excellent long-term stability. The sensor is incorporated in a standard 8-pin DIP package with a single or two pneumatic ports. The top port is the high side and the bottom port is the low side.


– Based on silicon capacitive technology

– Exceptional accuracy

– Long-term stability

– High overpressure tolerance

– Low power

Industrial Applications

ESCP-BMS1 is designed but not limited for usage on the following industrial applications: Air Flow Measurement, Air Compressors, Air Movement Control, Actuators, Analytical Instruments, Automated Pneumatic Assembly Equipment, Chemical Analysis Controllers, Factory Automation, Fire Suppression System, Flow Calibrators Gas Chromatography, Gas Flow Instrumentation, Gaseous Leak Detection, Industrial Controls, Industrial Gas Supply, Industrial Pneumatic Devices, Irrigation Equipment, Leak Detection, Liquid Level Metering, Modulated Furnace Controls, Oil Pressure Sensing, Oxygen Concentrators, Panel Meters, Pressure Switching, Pressure Valves, Process Control Pumps, Remote Monitoring Devices, Robotics, Valves, Vacuum Pump Monitoring, Variable Air Volume (VAV) Control and Water Control Valves.

Medical Applications

ESCP-BMS1 is designed but not limited for usage on the following medical applications: Anesthesia Equipment, Blood Analysis Equipment, Breast Pumps, Breathalyzers, CPAP Equipment, Drug Dosing Equipment, Hospital Beds, Hospital Gas Supply, Hospital Room Air Pressure, Kidney Dialysis Machines, Massage Machines, Medical Instrumentation, Nebulizers, Noninvasive Blood Pressure, Patient Monitoring Equipment, Respiratory Equipment, Sleep Apnea Equipment, Spirometers, Urine Analyzers, Ventilators and Wound Therapy.

HVAC Applications

ESCP-BMS1 is designed but not limited for usage on the following HVAC applications: Airflow Monitoring, Clogged Filter Detection, Duct Air Flow, Environmental Control Systems, Filter Monitoring, Blocked Filter Detection and Indoor Air Quality.

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