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LTCC Substrate mit exzellenten Hochfrequenzeigenschaften von MSE

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The high-frequency properties of base substrates are extremely important in both sensor systems and measurement technology.

With its LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic), Micro Systems Engineering GmbH (MSE) is offering multilayer substrate technology that not only has excellent high-frequency properties but is also very stable at high temperatures.

LTCC technology has the following features:
• Excellent high-frequency properties up to 90 GHz
• Stackable in 2 to over 20 layers
• Gold- and silver-based metallization systems
• Extremely fine line patterning (< 50 µm)
• Embedding of passive components
• Thermal expansion coefficient adapted for Si and GaAs
• Integration of cavities and windows
• Heat dissipation through thermal vias and heat sinks
• Hermetic encapsulation of parts
• Mounting of frames and pins by brazing

MSE can offer an extremely wide variety of board assembly technologies and semiconductor packaging processes to produce the entire electronic module.

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