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Aramis Sensoren

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GOM, a company of the ZEISS Group, specializes in industrial 3D coordinate measuring technology, 3D computed tomography and 3D testing. From product development to production and worldwide distribution, GOM offers machines and systems for manual and automated 3D digitizing, evaluation software, training and professional support from a single source. In industries such as automotive, aerospace, energy and consumer goods, more than 17,000 GOM system installations are in use internationally. At more than 60 locations and with more than 1,200 metrology specialists, GOM guarantees profound advice and first-class service. Since mid-2019, GOM has been a part of the ZEISS Group and has formed the Center of Excellence for optical metrology. With more than 31,000 employees in 50 countries and annual revenue totaling more than 6.4 billion euros, ZEISS is an internationally leading technology enterprise operating in the fields of optics and optoelectronics.

ARAMIS sensors measure statically or dynamically loaded specimens and parts by using a contact-free and material-independent method based on the principle of digital image correlation (DIC) – without time-consuming and expensive preparations of the test object.

High-precision measurements of small and large objects
The system offers stable solutions for the analysis of specimens of just a few millimeters up to structural components of several meters. The measuring resolution reaches down to the submicrometer range independent of the geometry and temperature of the specimen.

Ideally suited for product development, materials research and component testing
The analyses provide information on material characteristics and the behavior of components under load. These results form the basis for product durability, geometrical layout, reliable numerical simulations and their validation.

Video: ARAMIS SRX Door Slam Motion Analysis

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Video: GOM ARAMIS 3D Camera Component Testing

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