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Y-series Measurement System

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Calyx’s Y-series is a fully integrated system with wireless transmission capability, and provides the optimal price to performance metric to operate in any situation. Y-series can be powered via batteries or 3.6~5 VDC power, analyzes ammonia in real-time and transmits the data wirelessly using LPWAN technology.

Highlights of Y-series Include:
• Long Operating Life: Y-series can operate for multiple years on battery power with minimal maintenance such as an occasional calibration check
• Fast Response: the sensor rapidly responds to concentration changes, with a T90 under 60 seconds
• No Drift: the sensor operates normally in the continuous presence of ammonia
• Configurable: the operator can choose a wide variety of parameters, such as sampling period, transmission period, and power options.

Features on Y-series:
• LED indicator for operation status, updates, and alarms
• Wireless transmission
• Optional power supply between battery pack or DC power
• Allows factory and user setting restoration in case parameters are lost accidentally
• Transmit setup information and battery voltage to wireless receiver
• Extended hub for future sensor add-ons
• Long-lasting operation, regardless of environment
• Alternative mount options available
• Lower detection range option available
• Extended temperature range available
• Rapidly responds to changes in ammonia concentration with a T90 of under 60 seconds
• Operators can adjust a wide variety of parameters
• Operators and managers can use Calyx Cloud Service Platform to monitor the environmental concentration change in real-time
• Conveniently replace and change to different industry detection needs
• No calibration is required

Operating a Y-series is as simple as putting the sensor in the desired location and tuning it on. It gives accurate ammonia readings continuously and automatically.

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