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Acoustic testing with laser vibrometer on electrcal motors

In order for acoustic test technology to be used as an objective test technology in series production, it is necessary to make the right choice of sensor technology. In practice, all commercially available acceleration sensors (structure-borne sound) and non-contact sensor (airborne sound) microphones are suitable.

Measurements on test components which are difficult to access
A new feature of the SonicTC acoustic test system is the integration of the control unit for the laser vibrometers from Polytec, Waldbronn, Germany. In recent years, the use of laser vibrometers has established itself as a further possibility of non-contact sensor technology for recording vibrations in testing technology. Among other things, their use is predestined for measurements on test components that are difficult to access and/or test environments with high noise levels.
According to company specifications, the laser vibrometer can be set up quickly, easily and directly as a measuring sensor for the test system. The interface parameterization for a one-dimensional Laser Scanning Doppler Vibrometer IVS 500 is done e.g. via a selection field and is then immediately ready for use.

Scalable test system for one or more test stands
The test system is characterized by its scalability of one or more semi or fully automated test stands. With Release 2.1, the graphical, open programming supports the implementation of user-specific interfaces of single workstation systems or fully automated test benches in series production. It does not matter whether the test benches are operated simultaneously in series or parallel. The more complex the task is in terms of test tasks, measurement parameters and their correlation, the more the strength of SonicTC becomes apparent.

The test system is equipped with various communication solutions for higher-level systems, thus ensuring the exchange of data in production plants and test systems.
The test system with its versatile analysis procedures/evaluation methods/algorithms for evaluating measurement results can also be used in laboratories. The procedures range from signal preparation to time and frequency domain analysis.

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