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Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2
10178 Berlin (Deutschland)
Tel: +49 30 4005591-0

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Entwicklung von Steuergeräten für In-vitro Diagnostik

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Efficient testing of functional components presents a challenge during the development of IVD systems. This often can be solved only by expensive and complex laboratory setups.
At FMD institute Fraunhofer IIS, we offer efficient solutions for the development and optimization of IVD systems. Adapted to the functionality of the IVD device, we establish together with our customers system specifications and develop individual devices with parametric user interface. Our portfolio comprises PCB design and layout, rapid prototyping, embedded programming as well as the development of GUI or web interfaces. We also focus on the development of sensor frontends as well as on communication standards, as POCT1-A.

Christian Hofmann
Group Manager Medical Sensor Systems
Phone: +49 9131 776-7340

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