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Berührungslose Messtechnik als Plug & Play System – Optimale Koppeldistanz ohne manuellen Antennenabgleich

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The new generation of sensor signal amplifiers includes an automatic antenna adjustment function. The obligatory adjustment for coupling distance optimisation is now a thing of the past. The rotor induction loop is simply connected to the sensor signal amplifier. The system optimizes itself to the largest possible transmission range.

To simplify on-site measurement technology applications, MANNER Sensortelemetrie now offers standard systems with integrated automated adjustment of the rotor side and the stator side for all systems.

The inductively supplied measuring technology - sensor and measuring amplifier - are optimally coordinated with the stator system in several cycles.

MANNER thus enables test engineers without comprehensive knowledge of sensor telemetry or training in this field to reliably and precisely record measurement signals on rotating shafts.

The new integrated automatic adjustment enables the optimal data and energy transmission between rotor and stator unit and provides a smooth transmission range of up to 50 mm.

All inductive MANNER systems, as well as OptiMA, work without batteries or accumulators and are absolutely maintenance-free. Annoying and heavy batteries with unbalance problems and their replacement are not required. This makes the rotor construction a lightweight.

After applying the sensor, the rotor loop and the sensor signal amplification, no manual work is any longer necessary

The system can be used directly and, if necessary, can be configured (sensor name; sample rate; information storage etc.) and calibrated (zero and gain settings) by the MANNER software "RMC-Software".

Of course, this functionality exists in the form of the use of a miniaturized adjustment module. This means that old modules can also be equipped with this function.

The adjustment module is miniaturized and therefore fits into all common MANNER amplifier housings. The module can be used individually or in combination with a Flex amplifier. In the latter case the adjustment module is integrated directly on the Flex sensor signal amplifier (see also figure 1).

The module can be used both with our popular OptiMA sensor telemetry kit (evaluation unit with integrated receiving antenna and very long ranges (see Figure 1)) and with other antenna components such as the 8a Pick Up and the various evaluation units.

MANNER thus offers a plug & play system that is modularly configurable throughout the system.

The OptiMA Kit at a glance:
The kit contains 4 components:
- sensor (DMS)
- Sensor signal amplifier (in all common designs as well as a flexible substrate that can be wound around the shaft) with adjustment module
- Rotor antenna kit (copper foil; ferrite; brass tape and cover tape)
- Evaluation unit IP67

Characteristic is the large transmission and power supply distance of 50mm between the rotating and the static component. This technology is purely inductive and therefore completely battery-free. As with all MANNER components, there are no signal drop-outs even in the event of strong electromagnetic interference. Thanks to the proven inductive transmission technology there are also no interference problems with radio frequencies. OptiMA is therefore the definition of robust sensor telemetry

The system is predestined for, among other things
- wind power applications
- propeller shafts on ships
- Drive shafts in steelworks
- for measurement technology for test benches
- for diploma or student research projects in the field of mechanical engineering

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