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Beamex stellt eine neue E-Commerce-Plattform vor: Beamex Webshop für Ersatzteile und Zubehör

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The Beamex webshop is now open for business.

Beamex is proud to open a dedicated global digital platform for the sale of Beamex products. The new webshop will initially focus on the sale of spare parts and accessories for Beamex calibrators providing an opportunity for customers to purchase directly from the Beamex warehouse, through a website optimised for use on a smartphone, tablet or desktop interface.

“The new webshop is truly a Better Way to buy Beamex spare parts and accessories. Significant effort has been made to ensure products are clearly listed and categorized in a way to make it simpler and faster to buy. The ease of selecting the correct essential spares and accessories is enhanced using a related products feature and artificial intelligence,” says Jonas Heinola, Sales Manager for e-Commerce at Beamex.

In addition to providing a new channel for the sales of Beamex products, the new webshop also acts as a useful resource to better understand the range of spare parts and accessories available and to confirm component compatibility: Instruction manuals, a pressure fittings guide and comprehensive search functions exists.

The webshop is available in many different languages and can be browsed without the need to create an account. Once an account is created and your purchase is concluded your goods are fast tracked for shipment and arrive to you quickly. The webshop will initially allow the purchase of products for shipping to Germany, Finland, France and the United Kingdom. It will expand into additional countries throughout the year.

“Our new webshop is a significant step forward to providing our global customers with a 24/7 opportunity to get the right spare parts and accessories quickly and efficiently. This new initiative supports our corporate strategy of a ‘One Beamex’ approach to doing business” says Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO of Beamex Group. He adds: “Beamex spare parts and accessories will continue to be sold through existing Beamex sales channels around the world providing customers with local support and expertise when needed.”

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