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Der neue LGD Compact - ideal für mobile Gasdetektion

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Optical laser spectroscopy has long been a proven technique for high-resolution detection of various gases. So far, however, it has often not been possible to enable this technology for smaller and portable gas detection applications. This is no longer the case thanks to the LGD Compact.

The new LGD Compact combines TDLS technology with a small and lightweight designed multipass cell and a modulation-based active noise reduction thanks to the unique optical laser package. Therefore, it is a perfect match for a wide range of portable instruments where performance and compact size matters.
Its over-all size of less than a can with a weight of 600 g allows for an easy integration. Due to the high selectivity, second gases can be measured at the same time without interferences or confusion between the target gases. Thanks to the robust design and the active noise reduction technique a stable performance can be achieved even with increasing contamination of the gas cell. Axetris' technical support can remotely access relevant functions in the product interface through
the extended features in the product software and support the customer as needed.

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