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Tragbares Anzeigegerät mit brillantem Display

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TD-01 Portable is a digital indicator that connects with strain gauge based transducers. The input signals are displayed either as display value, graphic or function via a color TFT LCD display.

The exceptional display quality makes working with the TD-01 highly efficient. In combination with the other features, the instrument becomes a particularly productive tool. The integrated high-speed A/D converter allows dynamic measurement signals to be acquired, stored and visualized.

With TEDS, the device can automatically recognize and accept stored calibration information from the connected sensors as soon as it is switched on. This makes the TD-01 suitable for many areas of industry, especially for demanding applications such as force measurement in resistance welding, press connections or pedal force measurement.

The integrated software "TdDataPicker" records the measurement data in CSV format and displays stored indicator values and diagram data quickly and clearly.


- Force Measurement in Resistance Welding
- Force Measurement for Press Fitting
- Pedal Force Measurement

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