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IoT-geeigneter Messverstärker für Wiegezellen

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The universal measuring amplifier LCB for load cells meets the "Industry 4.0" requirements and is especially designed for IoT needs. Equipped with an integrated analog/digital converter, its complex capabilities significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of weighing systems.

The measuring amplifier LCB converts the analog measuring signal (mV/V) of a strain gauge sensor into a digital signal and thus enables the subsequent digitalization of a measuring chain - without replacing the existing load cell. For this purpose, it is compatible with any type of strain gauge sensor to which it is directly connected.

For integration into the system environment with programmable logic controllers (PLC), the measuring amplifier works together with many common field buses. The areas of application for the measuring amplifier are almost unlimited in a wide range of industrial sectors. With its IP67 stainless steel housing, it can also be used in very harsh environments.

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