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imc FAMOS 7.5

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With the new imc FAMOS 7.5 version users can create their own functions for the evaluation of their measurement data and easily share this data analysis know-how within their company. Furthermore, imc FAMOS 7.5 builds a bridge to extensive and heterogeneous databases. It has new import and export filters, such as HDF5, and can process image and video data. Improved error handling ensures robust sequences when evaluating large data sets.

Create your own functions and share them company-wide

The evaluation of measurement data can be designed even more individually with the new version 7.5 of imc FAMOS. The extension of the imc FAMOS function library allows users to convert partial tasks or complete evaluation algorithms stored in sequences into their own sequence functions. Extensive evaluation sequences are thus better structured, easier to understand and to maintain. Via new import and export of the imc FAMOS configuration, other users can also take advantage of this data analysis know-how company-wide. Also the new installation, the software rollout and the automated setup of several imc FAMOS 7.5 licenses have been simplified.

Automatically evaluate extensive data with improved error handling

Within the sequence programming, the new 7.5 version also offers improved error handling. Error messages within self-created evaluation routines can be ignored and processed later. The sequences are thus more robust and it is possible to evaluate extensive data automatically.

Improved display of data in the curve window

imc FAMOS 7.5 provides several new functions for labeling and formatting graphics in the curve window. For example, order lines in the speed spectrum and hyperbolas in the order spectrum can be flexibly labeled with new markers. Image data sets (e.g., extracted from a video) can be displayed together with other measurement channels in the curve window. In addition, graphics in the curve window can be freely labeled, areas under a curve can be filled with color, and the scaling of the X and Y axes can be set proportionally.

Processing of image and video data

With new functions for processing image and video data, imc FAMOS 7.5 can now extract single images. In parallel with a (analog) measurement channel, RGB values can be read out or a specific time of the measurement can be identified. Reports can now also be output as video files composed of individual images of panels or curve windows. The creation and editing of the video as well as the playback can be automated in sequences.

New import and export filters for *.HDF5 and Matlab 7.3 data

The exchange of measurement data with other programs and programming languages is possible with new import and export filters for HDF5 and Matlab 7.3 data in the new 7.5 version. Especially via the HDF5 data format, the quasi-standard for the efficient storage of extensive scientific data sets, imc FAMOS 7.5 builds a bridge to numerous other data sets.

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