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Infineon‘s hoch präzise TLE5014 Winkelsensor Familie: Digitales Interface und Kostenoptimierte Anpassung an Funktionale Sicherheit

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Certified to AEC-Q100, TLE5014 angle sensors based on the proven GMR technology take flexibility to the next level with single- and dual-chip versions plus a digital 12-bit interface supporting different protocols (SPC, PWM, SENT and SPI). Other highlights include ease of design thanks to preconfiguration and precalibration.
The various members of the TLE5014 family allow designers to align security capabilities with each customer’s precise application requirements. From high-quality QM versions without dedicated security functionality (such as TLE5014SP E0001) through single-chip ASIL C devices (TLE5014SP E0002) to dual-chip ASIL D solutions (TLE5014SPD E0002), all sensors are pin-compatible for easy interchange. Depending on the application, the customer can opt for cost-effective, ISO 26262-ready components or for angle sensors designed from the ground up for ISO 26262 with all the relevant documentation. E0002-DataSheet-v01_00-EN.pdf?fileId=5546d46270c4f93e0170c92e1bc10212

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