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Neue 4- und 12-Kanal-Telemetriesysteme für Temperaturmessungen bis 1.250°C an Bremsen, Kupplungs-Lamellen, Elektromotoren und mehr….

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• High measurement accuracy and signal quality
• Temperature measuring range -55°C-1.250°C
• Linearized evaluation for thermocouples type K (more types optional)
• Wireless transmission of measurement data and power supply
• Low power consumption of inductive, adaptively controlled power supply
• Up to 12 thermocouples simultaneously
• Break detection for defective thermocouples CE certified

Typical Applications:
• Temperature measurements up to 1.250°C on rotating components:
• Breaks
• Shafts and flanges, transmission parts
• turbocharger, compresssors
• Electro motors

For precise measurement of temperatures at break discs, break test stands, shafts and flanges Axon systems offers new 4- and 12-multi-channel telemetry systems for temperatures up to 1.250°C. All common types of isolated and non-isolated thermocouples can be used. The output is linearized. The sensors can be connected to the rotor unit via screw or solder connectors.

Compact and robust Rotor Systems

The very compact and robust 4-and 12-multi-channel rotor units enable measurements under most difficult space conditions. Temperatures up to 1.250°C can be reliably transmitted over the wireless link.

High Positioning Tolerance

Our ring stators with diameters up to 2 meters allow for a high positioning tolerance and thus reduce significantly the configuration effort. They also guarantee high long-term stability of the wireless connection and e.g. large axial displacements or travel of shafts.
The transmission of the power supply and the measurement data between rotor and stator is fully wireless. Distances between the rotor unit sand the antenna of up to 70 mm can be realized.

Secured measurement in high EMC environment

For optimal and reliable operation even in Axon Systems offers first time a new combined antenna – stator solution for environments with high electromagnetic load e.g. e-drive environment.

Plug & Play

After the installation of the Telemetry components the stationary control unit carries out an automatic adjustment of the system. Afterwards the telemetry system is ready for operation: measurement data are displayed directly as linearized analogue voltage at the control units.

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