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Magnetfeldbasiertes, mobiles Prüfverfahren für Photovoltaikanlagen

As part of the mobiInspec R&D network, the MagPV project is currently developing a novel, magnetic field-based procedure, including the corresponding measurement technology and evaluation, for the testing of installed photovoltaic systems. For the inspection no interruption of the plant operation is necessary.

A lightweight portable measuring device is being constructed, which the inspector manually strokes over the module surface. The main focus is on the modular design of the handheld device so that different sizes can be measured in the field. Typical errors that can be quickly detected are e.g. faulty soldering, interrupted connectors, defective bypass diodes or connectors and hotspots. For automatic error analysis, software based on artificial intelligence is developed using self-classifying neural networks.

As an additional option, the integration of the measurement device into a PV cleaning robot will be designed and tested.

mobiInspec is funded by the ZIM program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

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